Twelve-year-old Autistic business entrepreneur Caleb Johnson Green believes in hard work, being a go getter and fiercely chasing your dreams. As a pre-teen receiving academic support, he felt the need for him and his classmates to shine, stand out, and showcase all their ABILITIES!  He wanted them to “DRIP”.  

With so much stigma and negativity surrounding mental health and physical disABILITIES, Caleb believes in remaining resilient and not letting anything get in the way of your success. He has tasked himself with demanding respect and promoting positivity for him, his friends, and their community. With his entrepreneurial spirit, infectious personality, and supportive community there are no excuses for not getting the job done and making SMOOTH BULLY LEGACY the biggest Urban Wear Clothing Line for kids (and the parents too) of ALL ABILITIES!  

Smooth Bully Legacy Mission:
Smooth Bully Legacy was created as a lifestyle, influence and for individuals moving through the various facets of life with integrity, faith, and endurance all while not letting anything get in the way of their success. A Perfect brand for kids of ALL ABILITIES.  
SMOOTH BULLY…hard work and demanding respect, in a smooth manner.